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Data Protection | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy   © 2018 ILAS
Data Protection | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy   © 2018 ILAS
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The Immigration & Legal Advisory Services (ILAS) is a privately run immigration and nationality service provider.

ILAS’ main aim and objective is to provide the highest level of specialist immigration, legal and nationality services to both private and corporate clients.
It goes without saying therefore, that our clients and patrons are our ultimate priority and we would employ all available resources and expertise in the field to successfully complete our clients’ applications.

We would not knowingly encourage and pursue an application which otherwise could be considered to have absolutely no merit but will fervently appeal and dexterously pursue a meritorious case.

To achieve these aims ILAS endeavour to consider the Home Office and its numerous agents as working partners rather than opponents although we would not hesitate from deferring on policies and regulations we consider biased or onerous.

The determining factor as to whether a case is taken on or not is entirely based on the merit of the case itself and we would gladly refer prospective clients to another agency if their case cannot be dealt with by ILAS.

We are an equal opportunity organisation and would not discriminate on the basis of colour, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, creed, age, disabilities, citizenship or sexual orientation.

We are committed to a fair, honest, legal and ethical treatment of our clients and would always observe the data protection act 1998 in our dealings with confidential materials held on behalf of our clients.